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With backgrounds in IT services and solution at technology companies, start-ups, global consumer brands and B2B businesses, GB NextGen out-of-the box solution is more than a saavy next generation IT company. Our Agile solution approach enables us to make more strategic and creative solution based on latest trends and technologies and data points, which helps create more meaningful connections between our clients and their customers. Learn about our team.

Management Team

Vashkar Chatterjee

~ Director Sales & Marketing ~

Ayshwarya Jason

~ Creative Head ~


~ Director Customer Service ~

Development Team

Brijesh Borad

~ Full Stack Developer ~

I love to spend time with developing and lerning new things. also i like to travelling when im not coding.

M Mujahid Abbas

~ Senior Web Developer ~

I love travelling and capturing natures in my camera. When I'm not busy writing codes,I spend it in Basketball court.

Nishant K Patel

~ Web Developer ~

I'm a fast learner and a problem solver.I love travelling and want to travel around the world. Watching bollyhood masala movies with my friends is always been my favorite pass time.

Shashika Prabath

~ Senior Graphic Designer ~

I love to play Violin. music too, also like to travelling when i'm free.

Mahesh R Khokhar

~ Senior iOS Developer ~

I like to share and discuss on current affair. When I'm away from my coding world. I enjoy cricket and enjoy travelling. Listing to music is my best way to relax myself and enjoy my weekend.

Jaydip H Bhingradiya

~ Full Stack Developer ~

I love reading books.I enjoy playing & watching cricket specially when India is on fire.

Pradeep Rupareliya

~ Full Stack Developer ~

My Confidence and Programming, Watching movies and Swimming.

Akshay Patel

~ Full Stack Developer ~

I love to travelling, Watch movies. Photoholic when i'm free.

Divyesh Bahalala

~ Full Stack Developer ~

When I am not busy I love to watch movie, traveling and playing games.

Keyur Italiya

~ Senior iOS Developer ~

I love to do unique design and development in app and always ready to learn new things.I love to travel and play games in my leisure time.

Verita Panna

~ Business Analyst ~

I am good learner ,love travelling and exploring new places.

Tapan Gohil

~ Android Developer ~

My passion towards technology which lead me towards software development.I like playing games and watching movies in my free time.

Kamran Alam

~ Web Designer ~

I don't just sell websites, I create websites that SELL

Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo

~ Python Developer ~

Fancy algorithms are slow when n is small, and n is usually small. Rob Pike's 5th Law of Programming.