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We began GB Nextgen as a passionate duo who had noticed a dearth of cutting-edge innovative ideas, particularly in areas of IOT, AI, and Machine Learning; in many corporate establishments around. Our passion for excellence pushed us to relentless research and innovation in a bid to fill the gaping IT void. Along the way, we have risen through the ranks, consistently providing excellent products, solutions and intuitive ideas in digital marketing. We also pride in our well-engineered BOTs, which increase efficiency and sales growth through smart information sharing.

About Us

Leveraging on years of training and expertise, we strive to constantly improve our service delivery and make our partnerships more meaningful. We envision a time when we're able to collaborate more efficiently with more clients as we continue our trailblazing mission.

It's our beliefs that have brought us this far, and we are confident that by sticking to our core values of individualism, tradition, and innovation, we can continue to enjoy success for years to come.

Much of our success at GB Nextgen is traceable to our core values of integrity and unapologetic commitment to our employee welfare. We believe that this, in turn, fuels their desire for continued excellence in the quest to churn out more innovative software solutions for you.

Our Vision

The vision of GB NextGen is to address client’s business need most efficiently, connect end-points, analyze the statistic and map it with business to deliver excellence most intuitively.

Our Mission

The mission of GB Nextgen is to create a longstanding commitment to providing excellence:

  • To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services.
  • To create a digital platform for the automobile sector and transform the automation world altogether.